Palm Springs – Food Mecca

It been about a week since my last blog.  We spent a week in Palm Springs and came home with the stomach flu.  Over the past week all I’ve been serving up is chicken soup, crackers,  and a little bit of rice, trying to keep everyone hydrated while this viral bug worked  its way through my entire family, including myself.  So I do not have much to offer this week but I do want to clue you into one of my favorite places to eat.  There are many great places to eat in this desert community and we have tried a great many of them, but there is one place we always go while we are there.

We go there on the last day of our visit.  It’s essentially a tradition with us … and that is _AEB3nyM79enRXFv9mRTm8f-JelI-S65ZxMPZ1BOmJk[1]Sherman’s Deli.  I would go there just for the fresh pickles that they serve with every meal.


This is the classic delicatessen with all the things one would expect. We arrived at that time of day in which it was a little late for breakfast but too early for lunch.  Fortunately they don’t care.  The entire menu is available the whole day.  While several of us went for the traditional breakfast;  omelets, pancakes and bagels there were several that went for lunch.  My daughter loves the French Dip Sandwich. Another went for the Fish and Chips. My husband went for the Grilled Pastrami Sandwich. Now, I’m not big on these kind of sandwiches but this sandwich; the Grilled Pastrami, was the best I have ever tasted.

A pastrami sandwich is fairly simple to make.


  • Rye Bread (toasted)
  • Pastrami (grilled)
  • Sauerkraut
  • Thousand Island Dressing (fresh)
  • Swiss Cheese

Served with their homemade potato wedged chips.

The things that makes this sandwich so incredible special is that it is all fresh.  They make their own bread, sauerkraut and Pastrami, even the Thousand Island dressing.  Fresh pastrami is incredible and they do it right!

I highly recommend that when you visit Palm Springs, pull yourself away from the Casino for an hour and go to Sherman’s Deli.  You won’t regret it.   Just looking at the display of deserts, pastry and cakes will want to make you want to move to Palm Springs.

Enjoy life and the food it offers!

Chef Shay

P.S. Everybody is healthy again and it will take me a few days to get back into the groove again.  I appreciate everyone’s support and please keep reading my blog.


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