FOOD TRIVIA – while we stall for time…

Okay, I am trying to start off the new year right and wanted to begin the year with an awesome blog on what it take to have a well stocked Pantry.  Sounds boring, but you will be surprised how a well-stocked Pantry will make your, or any chief’s life a lot easier.  Compiling the components of a Pantry is easy.  All I have to do is inventory mine and BAM! (Opps, sorry no intend to plagiarize) you got it!  My husband always helps me with my blogs and the way I composed it, …well he is having formatting problems.  He may have to start all over again… in the meantime here is some Food Trivia to bide the time.  We should have the Awesome Pantry blog up by Sunday.


  • Perhaps as a relic of an ancient Roman custom of planting parsley on graves, a sprig of parsley was either associated with the devil or as an antidote for poison.  Adding a sprig to a plate of food may have originated as a gesture of good faith and as a way to safeguard the meal from evil. So if you eat in a restaurant with less than an “A” rating and the garnish with parsley – eat at your own risk.
  • The Arabs invented caramel, which served as a depilatory (hair removal) for women in a harem.  Remember that when you dip your apple in your caramel dip.
  • Drinking fresh milk in the classical world was considered a luxury because milk was so difficult to preserve.   Got Milk!
  • At Delphi, the spiritual center of Greece, many cooks were needed to organize and direct sacrifices to the gods.
  • The warriors of Attila, king of the Huns, (A.D 450) preserved their meat by placing fresh meat under their saddles.  All the bouncing squeezed fluids from the meat, and the horse’s sweat salted the meat and removed more moisture.  When the warrior stopped to eat, they had a dried and salted meal.  I don’t even know how to respond to that – just – GROSS!!!
  • Beans have historically been a symbol of the embryo and growth in most societies.  The ancient Egyptians called the place in which the Ka, the souls of the dead awaited reincarnation, “the bean field.”
  • Chili peppers are hot because they contain a substance called alkaloid capsaicin and four other related chemicals.  It is also the primary ingredient in pepper spray.
  • The first soup was made from hippopotamus and dates back to 6000BC.  I wonder who figured that one out? probably found some 8000 year old recipe inscribed on a dead sea scroll.
  • Worcestershire sauce is made from dissolved anchovies (including the bones) that have been soaked in vinegar.  Well anchovies are at least good for something – slimy little things!
  • During the Middle Ages, a lemon slice was served with fish because it was thought the juice would dissolve any bones that were accidentally swallowed. I wonder how long that myth lasted.  I find it hard to swallow.
  • This is I whole heartily agree with….Cooking food is one of the great revolutionary innovations of history because it not only transformed the way we prepare food, but because it also became a center of cultural communion and organized society.  RIGHT ON!!!

Enjoy Life and Eat Well!

Chef Shay


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