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OHHH NOOO! Not another Food Blog.  AWW! Why Not, the world is a pretty big place and the internet is even bigger and everybody has their own experiences and opinions on food.  Chef Shay is no different. However,this blog will be a little different (we hope). We will have some incredible recipes but we want to  go a little further and tell the history of the food and its influences and refections of our culture.  However, as you are reading this; as the author -I am not Chef Shay.  She is a technically challenged.  I am her husband.  I am affectionally know in her culinary circle  as Chef Shay’s Husband.  While she makes the wonderful dishes  I will endeavor to help her write about them.  As time goes on she will take over.  For the time being, I hope that you will accept me as an author. 

So, I offer this perspective, for the time being, of me telling Chef Shay’s story.  She is the purveyor of the gastronomical delights.  I am the consumer; enjoying the immense benefits of being married to a Chef.  Lets face it – I love food!! What I enjoy about food are the flavors, colors, textures and well just about anything that involves eating.   I love trying out new foods and being the guinea pig for Chef Shay’s explorations into the depths of the culinary sciences.  This blog is about making – no! – CREATING  great food that is simple, gourmet-ish  and delicious.  This is the experience that we want to share with you.

The operative word is SIMPLE.  A simple hamburger or a sandwich can be made into a gourmet experience.  Our family is of moderate means and Chef Shay’ kitchen is small and simple, but the food  that comes out is unbelievably beautiful and delicious.   That is what we want to share.  She cooks – I write.

Food is our culture.  Families gather around the table and discuss the events of the day.  Nations share a meal in the hopes of creating understanding.   Food is what binds us together in fellowship and exchange.

We will share recipes, history and explore foods that you my never have experienced or heard of.  Oh!, one other thing, Chef Shay, when not being a private chef, or lecturing, works for Trader Joe’s. Though she is now in the art department she was for several years the Demo Chef.  Part of this blog will be introducing the many foods from Trader Joe’s.  They are constantly adding new products and we will explore those here and how to use them.

We don’t have a lot of recipes loaded up right now but that is coming.

I hope you enjoy the blog and feel free to give us feed back!

Chef Shay’s Husband